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Fascinating culture and fantastic people

Kuala Lumpur, delightful mix of cultures

Fascinating culture, diverse art performances and fantastic people, in few words that would Kuala Lumpur description would be like, a city where architecture is somewhere between eccentric and unique, from mansions that are hundreds of years old and few metres next is awe-inspiring skyscrapers, where a delightful mix of cultures and traditions will awake an enticing charm, which definitely pique your curiosity of this amazing cultural melting point. It's an shopping heaven for any kind of shopaholic, offering everything from street side markets to big brand names. And of course the cuisine is wide and exquisite, that will treat well your tastebuds.

It was founded back in mid nineteenth century, even if it did gain it's fame and got recognized only the last thirty years, when it was changed completely and it was no more recognizable. A place with great skyscrapers, having its first grand building around Merdeka Square, back in 1890, it was the most confusing result of British engineers and architects, there are influences from all over the world, Moghul, Malay, Victorians and Moorish. Worth to see is also Petronas Twin Tower, which is made of glass and steel, being the tallest twin building in the world, with a sky bridge on the 41st floor over viewing amazing Kuala Lumpur. Here is located also the world's fourth tallest tower, KL Tower, which also has an amazing restaurant, dine in style on the top of Asia's tallest tower, you can enjoy the buffet dinner here of Malaysian specialties with a breathtaking panoramic view of this incredible city. Even if it has become one of the most modern capitals in the world, KL manages to have its past present.

It used to be a small Chinese sleepy town,which nowadays has become a hot spot for party seekers and culture maniacs, KL is the biggest city in Malaysia and also capital metropolis with 6.5 million people living in it, which has gain a lot in just 150 years. Consider that in KL you will be yourself and will melt down in cultural pot, there are some world's most cheapest 5 star hotels, Kl has all that travelers need, great stay, great shopping, cheap accommodation and even better food, and sure some of the greatest nature's wonders. KL is a fast moving capital, that has bustling streets, shining and modern buildings and an amazing, indescribable spirit of progress, most of people think that their giant spirit was gained by the loss of ancient cultural traditions, but the truth is that it's rather the continuation of the loss of Malaysia's rich past.

As it's a cultural pot, the cuisine is incredibly wide and delicious, offering you travel in time to different places with one single dish. Street food is very famous in here, and as it's a tropical country, you will drink a lot of fresh fruit juice, so most of the time you will be spending in toilet :) Kuala Lumpur is food heaven, providing a large range of choices on food...the best and most diverse is Chinese food,then comes Malay food,which is very available with some typical dishes such as Nasi Lemak, a plate of rice cooked with coconut milk and chilli paste or Sayay, which is similar to Kebab, with sweeter taste and smaller in shape, all kind of meat available, from rabbit to venison, although the most common ones are beef and chicken.

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