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Natural gifts shine, Panama

Great ethnic diversity

Looking for your dream vacation? Not too expensive but still enjoying blue green seas and breathtaking views of highlands and snaking rivers, soaking up amazing tropical atmosphere...Panama will be a great destination for you. Panama was explored by Columbus back in 1502 and 11 years later by Balboa. It was the principal shipping point to and from the Central America..for many Panama is all about the capital and commerce, but it has so much more to offer, the country is surrounded and protected by national parks and edgy wilderness, that have started to attract many curious travellers.

In Panama there are massive pyramid buildings, there wont be much more different things to see in the ancient towns, cos they are vanished in the jungles, the city has never felt the breath of modern world, maybe that's why it's so exotic for the other countries, something untouched and edgy. Behind the great jungle, there is a whole heart and secret of Panama lieing and waiting to be discovered, it's just a matter of time and Panamanian archaeologist will discover the whole tale, because the most of Panama consists of inaccessible mountains and rainforests. Panama is also a home to Volcan Baru, which is country's only volcano.

The people in Panama? Considered as the happiest people on the planet...and don't think they shower with happy water or have some magic fruit to eat, it's not even about being rich, cos Panama is definitely not a country to have this luck, they are simply the most positive people on earth. More income simply doesn't make a huge difference in happiness, is about how they see their lives, and it seems they feel pretty good about it.

Geographically, Panama has a great location, being smaller South Carolina, surrounded by mountains and moderate hills in the interior, more closer to Caribbean area there are extensive forests. And the beach in Panama, is something noteworthy, hundreds of kilometers of coastline on both the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, the water changes while moving farther west , the sand there is dark and the water gets dirty green, and after the pretty beaches coming along, Santa Clara and Farallon.

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