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Cinemas in Paris

French do everything with taste and style

Paris has a lot to see, we know. What about putting some action to your visit? Paris is a huge city with many hidden treasures of action for who doesn't like to be passive. This is a city with many skate spots, and is known for their quality. If you like skating, or would like to learn, there are many options of places to go. There is even a tour by rollers or skates on Friday nights that goes from Place Raoul Dautry to Place d'Italie. Splanade du Trocadero is also a good place to go skating, cause it has good square an a plus: a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower Gardens.

Photographing is also a good thing to do in Paris: there's a lot of attractions to take pictures of, not to say the lovely streets and photogenic people that roams around. The architecture is attractive and the tourists spots are an opportunity for professionals and beginners in the world of photography. Even museums are dedicated to the subject, such as the European Museum of Photography, the Jeu de Paume Museum and the Henri Cartier Bresson Foundation.

The next thing to do in Paris is going to the movie theatre, or Cinemas. The numerous theatres shows first run films from France and everywhere else. If you don't speak French, look for the VO, or the "version originale", for the audio in English. There is also a lot of film festivals during the week, showing all the works of an specific director, or actor. They also show old movies in between. Don't play the lazy traveller, go do something while in Paris!

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Published on 31-Lug-2013
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