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Vancouver, best city to live in

Food Tour, The Eat!

Situated between the Pacific and the Coast mountains, Vancouver is very frequently listed as one of the "best cities to live in", and to merit this designation, its food couldn't be less than awesome. You can expect to find good and fresh seafood, vegetables and fruits, and also countless Asian food restaurants. Vancouver please the eyes, but most importantly, satisfies the taste.

The highest density of restaurants is in Kitsilano, one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Vancouver. In summer, people come out to play volleyball in the beaches, to enjoy the festivals and to eat. You're going to find an enormous variety of dishes served, from low budget to splurge, including innovative Japanese cuisine, a mix of Indian food with local ingredients, exotic Afghan food, assorted Donuts, vegetarian and vegan dishes, organic and local ingredients in many restaurants.

The city has a successful street food program, with many food carts and food trucks specially in downtown, with online schedule and updates about the opening time. Also successful are the Asian restaurants. Because of the big Chinese population, the number of dim sum restaurants are huge, and the quality is great. Also, the tabernacles serve food for their visitors. The Shree Mahalakshmi Temple offers a free Indian vegetarian meal. In the Sikh temple at the Ross Street Gurdwara, free meals are served from 6am to 8pm. Where the biggest statue of Buddha in North America stands, in a temple in the suburb of Richmond, you can eat Chinese food, prepared according Buddhist vegetarian principles.

Obviously, there are food festivals. The EAT! Vancouver happens every year in May, when many, popular local restaurants, food & beverage manufacturers, cookbook authors and popular chefs come together to give people unique food experience in a 3 day exhibition, culinary contest, dynamic entertainment and behind the scene of magical cooking. Are you hungry? Eat this city!

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