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Berlin for nature lovers

Largest green garden area

An alternative trip for many, or maybe the main trip for you. Who would say that spending some time in the middle of wood right inside Berlin is a bad experience? What about swimming in a blue watered lake? This kind of Berlin exists. Beyond the landmarks and nightclubs there are some special and unique places for you, who already experienced Berlin, or for you who want to experience for the first time through an unusual point of view.

Grunewald is the largest green area in Berlin, a perfect place for a picnic, where you can go explore he woods on a horseback, trekking or pedalling. There are several lakes in Grunewald where you can swim, if the weather allows you to. Two of them are the Schlachtensee and Wannsee, probably the nearest ones. In the area, you will see a hill, called Teufelsberg, build by the Allies after the WWII, where you can go up with a guided tour.

One of the most important zoos in Europe, the Zoologischer Garten, has many endangered species. Designed with specials architecture and landscape, the zoo is known for the famous Knut, the baby polar bear that lives in the Aquarium. To get inside the aquarium you don't have to get out the zoo, and there's an entrance fee for both of them, which is 18€.

To have a relaxing time, the public floating swimming pool in the River Spree, Badeschiff, is open from 8am to midnight. With a lounge deck having a bar, an onshore beach and sun chairs. In the winter, it gets covered, added with two saunas, heated pool, bar, lounge and an outdoor cooling space. On the other hand, when it's summertime, DJs play some songs while people enjoy the drinks and bath on the sun. You can also find a table tennis, a table football and toilets.

Berlin has some good open air cinemas, usually sown in their official language and in English, and visitors can feel free to sit on the grass and bring their own food. The Freiluftkino, in the Friedrichshain park, can be a good choice for you. As you can see, Berlin has much more to offer than you thought, and you can enjoy it in a very particular and special way.

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