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Cancun, place of golden snake

Swimming with whale sharks

The major world renowned tourist destination, Cancun, "nest of snakes" or even "place of golden snake" in Mayan, receive nearly 4 million visitors every year. And it could be nothing less than golden: it is a paradise on earth, the dream travel for every human being.

The city is on the Yucatan peninsula on the Caribbean sea, eastern Mexico, and back in the 70's the Mexican government had to actually finance the hotels, because the area was unknown and the local population didn't reach the two hundred. Nowadays, however, the prices increased substantially, specially in the peak season, from December to April, while dropping in summer and autumn.

Among the beaches you can visit, the ones facing Isla Mujeres are the calmest, with crystal clear, warm water and magnificent view. There are many aquatic activities you can pay for, such as scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing, sailing, surfing, and there's even an underwater museum, with sculptures ranging from 9 to 20 feet. After all this bodywork, you should go relaxing in the spas, with some Talassotherapy, body wraps, Mayan massage or Temazcal bath, a Mayan traditional healing method guided by a Xaman using herbs and native songs to induce reflection and introspection.

Swimming with whale sharks or with dolphins can be an amazing experience if you are a nature lover, just like making the ecotourism tours, driving Jeeps in the middle of the jungle, mountain biking, and visiting the Xcaret, a huge eco-park full of wildlife, where you can swim in a natural underground river. In Xel Ha, the world's largest natural aquarium, a series of inlet and lagoon systems will be waiting for you.

For the lovers of Mayan Civilization, Cancun has some archaeological sites: El Meco, 5km from the city, has a pyramid with fans encrusted on its walls, a sign of commercialism, for the strategic placement of the city. In the hotel zone, some monuments yet coloured stand, a good option for whom doesn't want to spend a whole day searching for Mayan sites. Don't forget to take some food for the iguanas! If you want more, you can go to Kukulcan pyramid, the most famous ruin of that civilization, which is located only 117 miles from Cancun.

This is the trip you will never forget. It is worth till the last penny, so gather the coins, put some sunblock, prepare the camera and enjoy Cancun!

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