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Monte Carlo, still misunderstood and not recognized

Monaco, extremely wealthy country

Have you heard about the magical dream world? The second smallest country after Vatican, the Disneyland for businessmen around the world, the perfect vacation place for girls and dreamland of prestige life for everyone. Monaco, Monte Carlo, squeezed into only 200 hectares, Monte Carlo is one of the most powerful cities in the world. To describe Monaco , you will need hundreds of words or few powerful, such as glitzy, glam and screaming hedonism. It has all, even not yet a part of European Union, Monaco is surrounded between mountains and sea, having beautiful gardens and a great and delicious culture event's list. Monaco has become an independent state in a heart of Europe, still not being recognized and sometimes even misunderstood.

It's a tax free heaven on earth for anyone willing to throw some money ... Monaco lies on South of France, it's extremely wealthy country where you need to go with very prepared budget, it won't be cheap, no's a very central of all the actions, from Grand Prix Formula to all the celebrities getting there. Monte Carlo is home to the Saint Nicholas Cathedral, known as Monaco Cathedral. There is also a great love stories among this little country, back in 1956 Prince Rainier famously married the world wide famous actress Grace Kelly and there are many other famous love parades been going on.

A dream vacation for Casino lovers, in Monaco there is one of the world's biggest and most prestigious Casino located, not to mention many luxury hotels and private jet, yacht charters, where you don't have to get involved in , you can simply make some pictures of them, and just enjoy the spectacular backdrop of the Alps, Monte Carlo is nestled between two most beautiful countries in the world, France and Italy, in Monaco you will feel like protected from all the negative world, all the world's starts are heading there to enjoy some tranquillity and peace. Sport events, theatre, musicals and ballet.

Monaco has a huge story behind it and also plenty of legends, it has been ruled since the 14th of century by the Grimaldi family, the country is an open art place, among the most prestigious on the Cote d'azzur you will find many art galleries of Monaco. Most of the world's very talented artists exposed their great work in Monaco, a place where Prince's family lived...Monte Carlo is a dream come true.

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