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Vienna, a city of music

Viennese sound style

Considered the world city of music, Vienna, is a place where Strauss, Schubert, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Schönberg and Mahler were born, lived or at least composed music in. This is for sure a place to go if you love classical music. The city is filled with Operas, concerts, festivals, musicals and Waltzes and there will be always something else to do or listen to in Vienna if you are making a musical trip.

To get accurate ears, start your visit in the House of Music, an interactive sound museum with a scientific and playful approaches. In the Sound museum, you can see, feel and create sounds and songs. You will participate in the history of music, will see how great musicians used to compose, the computers are going to be your guide. Inside the house, you can even conduct your own orchestra, a video projection of the Vienna Philharmonic.

If you want to know how the legends of the classical music used to live, Mozart's house should be your next stop. The house was inhabited by him for only 3 years, which are said to be the happiest of his life, and also the place where he composed the famous opera "The Marriage of Figaro". Today it is Mozarthaus, a six levels of immersion on Mozart's world and life, where you'll come to know his mysterious personality, his family and friends.

In the Stadtpark you can see many memorials to many famous musicians, like Anton Bruckner, Franz Lehár, Robert Stolz, Franz Schubert, and also the golden statue of Johann Strauss, one of the most photographed attractions in the world. The musician is positioned with his violin, ready to start playing, and it's surrounded by dancing figures, like if he was playing a waltz.

To go deeper inside the classical music, Vienna offers many operas, waltzes, polkas, duets, concerts everyday. The Original Viennese Sisi Show, in the Schönborn Palace, has renowned musicians singing arias and duets by Mozart and Strauss dressing historic costumes.

In the beautiful baroque Palais Auersperg, the Vienna Residence Orchestra plays Beethoven, Mozart and Strauss operettas, Viennese waltzes, which is joined by opera singers and ballet dancers, all played in the Viennese sound style, the famous Wiener Klangstil. In the Viennese style, you will have a good time, many things to see and for sure you will please your ears!

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