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Turkish coffee and sweet halva

Istanbul, capital of two continents

There is a city in this world that never sleeps, there is a city that stands with one leg in Europe and with other in Asia. There is a city that once you've visited, puts a spell on you and makes you feel anxious until you come back.

Monuments, parties, never-ending night life, very colourful mix of cultures - all truth. There are areas like Sultanahmed - tourist kingdom, where the owners of little shops keep nagging you to do shopping at their place, there are old parts of the city, dark, destroyed, with narrow streets, lightless corners where you wouldn't like to be after dawn.

On the other hand there are many places with shiny, modern skyscrapers, luxury clubs overlooking Bosphorus, ladies on high heels and elegant gentlemen. In the city of (former) Constantinople there are both mosques and churches, people bending down their heads to Mecca and the Catholics folding their hands to say a prayer. There are two continents - Asia and Europe, two seas and seven hills, there are delicious kebabs followed by Turkish coffee along with sweet halva, extremely hot peppers, unforgettable experiences and smiling people.

Wherever you stay overnight just jump on one of the funny minibuses that will bring you to Taksim. Heart of Istanbul, open 24 hours, from the first sight little kitschy but on the inside motley, authentic, addictive and absorbing. Always crowded and chaotic but undeniably place to be. Perfect place to start and finish your adventure.

After a walk through busy Taksim, take the Galata Tower as your aim. Once you've walked up all those stairs,voila! Beautiful panorama over whole great city and a glimpse at places you're just about to see. Aya Sofia - there is no visit to Istanbul without seeing a building which is considered one of the best creations of the world architecture. Built in Constantinople by Emperor Justinian as the Greatest Church in the Roman Empire dedicated to Divine Wisdom. In 1453 conquered by Sultan Mehmet and changed into a mosque. Extraordinary mosaics, imperial structures, everything put in over 1500 years of history.

Just two steps ahead you will find a Blue Mosque. Cover your head in sign of respect for the others and visit one of the biggest prayer places in Istanbul. What is curious about this place? On the contrary to the rest of mosques with 4 minarets this one has 6. In the history it was considered disrespectful, because the only Al-Kaba in Mecca could have 6 minarets.

Istanbul is ore than full of historical monuments. Do not forget to visit the great Topkapi Palaca, Dolmabahce Palace, Grande Bazaar and Spice Bazaar, where you can buy all the spices you could ever dreamt of. To rest join the night criuse on Bosphorus, glimming lights, romantic views of the city of seven hills along with enchanting music. The is also one more thing you can't miss in Turkish capital - tea gardens. Served in charming little glasses, strong, sweet and traditional. No better way to calm and delight your senses.

Bekle bizi Istanbul - Wait for us, Istanbul!

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