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Playa del Carmen

Typical Caribbean city

The third largest city in Yucatan peninsula, Playa del Carmen had its population doubled in about five years. It is a typical Caribbean city with juicy beaches, crystal clear waters and the European chic mood. To get around is very easy considering the shape of the city: rectangular. The Fifth Avenue, the closest to the beaches, runs parallel to them, and is a pedestrian friendly street, allowing cars only in the early morning. Along this street, you will find a number of restaurants, bars, shops and clubs.

One of the funniest things to do over there is fishing. The city of Playa itself doesn't offer good quality boats, but a few kilometres on the south, in Puerto Aventuras, there are good charter fleets. Once you enjoyed the deep blue sea, you can bring your own fish to be cooked in the restaurants on the beaches. They usually get very glad to cook your own fish and don't charge too much. The clubs on the beach offer lounges and beds for a small fee. Sometimes they offer also swimming pools.

Scuba diving and snorkelling are also very required activities. The coral reef in that coast is the second largest in the world and will offer you a great experience. Basically all the hotels have shops specialized in diving, but the largest concentration is on Fifth Avenue. Also, the Cenotes, cavernous freshwater sinkholes, are an excellent option to dive, swim and explore. Many of them are partially underground and associated with caves, having a diversity of sizes and depth.

If you are interested in nightlife, all the clubs on the beaches are open till late, and many of them offer dancing shows, drinks, decks on the roof and much more. In the Eighth Avenue there are bars that close late and it's a place frequented by locals. The cheapest places to buy drinks are obviously outside of the tourist area, in small shops, but is not that hard to find beers for a good price on the beaches. Come to Playa del Carmen to live the Caribbean experience with a bit of European taste!

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