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Las vegas on a Budget

Paradise for gamblers

Las Vegas is the right city for rich people to spend mountains of money on fun, paying absurd amounts on basic things, as a hotel room or a cocktail. But it is also the place for smart people travelling on a budget. Any place in the world can be a tourist trap if you don't pay attention or don't search for the best prices or eventual discounts, but it won't happen to you in Las Vegas!

The key for saving money is choosing the right time to go to this awesome place. Usually the hotels charge more for the weekends, specially the ones in the centre of the city, so try to look for a cheaper place online, call them and ask for a discount. If you can rent an apartment for some days with your friends, that would be great.

To not to spend too much with meals unfortunately you'll have to eat fast food. Sometimes the buffets in the hotels are not so expensive, and if you are well informed about it you can save some money. Usually the hotels charge more for the buffets by night, so try to have them in lunch time. But the most precious tip I can give you regarding food is: always ask for the price before you order. It's not hard to find places that charge for things like service or table, and if you don't get informed before, you can easily pay $10 for a coffee.

To have fun for free you only have to have contacts. Calling a promoter that can put you in parties without paying, and even the pool parties can be free. Las Vegas has a countless number of shows going on all night, like comedies, concerts, magic shows and dance performances, and you can easily pay half ticket by visiting their sites.

If you are a girl, it won't be so hard to have fun for free. If you are a guy, bring girls. Even Casinos are open for low budget gamblers: many of them have $3 craps tables and $5 blackjack tables or even 50 cents for the roulette wheel. The secret is knowing how, searching online, having contacts and asking. This is Vegas, baby!

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