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Is your backpack too heavy?

We have the solution

Ever wonder why you brought this much clothes?

We have the solution!

In Belgium there is an organisation
that collects second hand clothing
for those in need.

Their name is Spullenhulp and
Lybeer Travellers' Hostel is
donating all of the clothes left
behind to them.

Obviously these are only the lost
and found and we figure we could
do better by encouraging you to
leave your extra weight with us so
we can donate it to them.

Even if you are not staying in our
hostel, or our city all clothes are

We will happily drop them
of at the local collection point.

The Lybeer Staff

Drop of point is:

Korte Vuldersstraat 31 – 8000 Brugge

0032 5033 43 55 (tel/fax)

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