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Quito, horizontal strip of land

Amazingly preserved colonial churches

Travelling to Ecuador's capital Quito will be a step into whole new world, women aren't running around the city carrying documents in their shiny portfolios dressed in latest fashions costumes, instead in Quito women are carrying impossible loads, wearing just something to cover their intime parts, life in here is more about surviving, not about the best comfort. The city is edgy and escorted by high volcanoes and formed by streets, broken and rocks , the houses are more than coloured, the inhabitants try to conserve her colorful traditions, which warms up the city edge.

Quito might be rough and hard to live in, but no matter what it's considered to be one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. All around the splendid old town you will feel Spanish colonial influence reflected in their balconies, red-tile roofs and thick columns. In few words Quito is a modern cosmopolitan city with great cultural diversity, amazingly preserved colonial churches, convents, palaces, and so many buildings of note contrast with the contemporary architecture of the modern Quito.

Quito is located on a horizontal strip of land, in between beautiful mountains, the splendour of the city is not only the great location and nature, it's all together that make Quito one of the most attractive cities in South America, it's people have that special warmth, and the weather is spring like all year round, it might explain the welcome and smiley atmosphere in here, attractive squares and parks are just a little bonus that makes it a unique and unforgettable place.

You would say, that there are many cities in world with this kind of characteristics, but not all of them have the old charm center, and the brand new world in it, in Quito just 20 minutes walk from the Old town, there is a total different world entirely, a huge mixture of hotels , high-rises government buildings, and of course it's main square situated right in the heart of the center, the colorful Mariscal Sucre, which has trendy cafés, international restaurants, travel agencies, bars and small hotels, the nickname of this area is Gringo Land, it's more than enough to strike you speechless.

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