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Cracow is an unique city of Poland, which for over 500 years played role of a capital. Historical home for kings and royal families, cultural, academic and artistic heart of country. There is no other city in Poland where while walking through lively Main Market Square (Rynek) you can still breath such vivid renaissance atmosphere. Streets paved with setts still remember king's carriages and buskers that were accompanying them with music and entertainment.

In Cracow history is and always has been alive. Every year on Thursday after Corpus Cristi Feast (this year held on 30th of May) you can partecipate in Lajkonik parade. Who is Lajkonik? An unofficial symbol of Cracow - a funny dressed man riding a wooden horse. Sounds a bit crazy? Well it is, but pogans believed that in the spring the horse brought good luck and high crop yields. To bribe the gods, the pogans used to celebrate, dance and sing worshiping Lajkonik. It was also a breath of relief after harsh polish winter.

Don't worry if you don't get lucky to join the parade. Although the true Lajkonik shows up only once a year there are many folk groups performing amusing skits. Once you saw Wawel Castle and Main Square take a break and try some local specialities. Rynek in Cracow is full of traditional restaurants. Try famous Jama Michalika, that for over 100 gathers polish artists and writers.

This place is full of paintings that poor artists used to leave instead of payment. Start your dinner with a soup - typical beetroot suop (barszcz) or sour soup (zurek), then for the main course try polish dumplings (pierogi). As you will be enjoying your favourite dessert, there is a surprise - a lively, laughable folk show.

Gyus dressed in traditional clothes, singing and dancing as they used to do many years ago. You can join them and try your flexibility dancing krakowiak or if you prefer chant some melodies along with the group. That's the very polish spirit! There is much to visit in old polish capital. Come and check on your own!

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