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Luxembourg, balcony of Europe

Gibraltar of the North

Talking about the best Europe's cities, on in the list is definitely Luxembourg city, it's no doubt a story book beauty, that wont let you indifferent, it's a city that's located at the crossing point of two major Roman roads. In fact, Luxembourg has more than 1000 years of history, back in 1867 , that's a period when its walls were dismantled, Luxembourg was the greatest fortified sites in Europe, as it was constantly passed from one great European power to another: the Holy Roman Emperors, House of Burgundy, Habsburgs, French and Spanish kings, and finally the Prussians. Luxembourg has always been and still is one of the most powerful cities in Europe.

Very often called Europe's most beautiful balcony, it's a city where you need to take time, wandering around the little streets , enjoying the breathtaking views, snap skylines pierced by towers and discover amazing riverside quarters with some best restaurants in the town, in the city that never stops and is safe in all senses. It might be so much smaller than famous Paris and Rome, but that doesn't make it less romantic. Luxembourg is well known world wide as Europe's most dramatically sited, having it all , air of old and new.

If you are still wondering what's so special about this capital, let me remind you that back than, the French and Spanish kings and also Holy Roman Emperors all wanted Luxembourg, during this period Luxembourg was in constant change and improvement, also earned a title Gibraltar of the North!

Luxembourg as a town has grown a lot, plenty of beautiful art museums, chic boutiques and amazing places to chill and eat or drink, for centuries Luxembourg was ruled by the worlds most powerful men, and still has its very own charm and unique touche.

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