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Machu Picchu, Peru

Sun Gate

Build around 1450 by the Incas, Machu Picchu was officially reported only in 1911 by an American historian, and from that date, it became an important tourist attraction. The ruins are 2430 meters above the sea level and there is only one hotel in the park, so almost all the tourists sleep in Cuzco and Ollantaytambo, and from there they hike the Inca trail or even go by rail to Aguas Calientes, the closest city to Machu Picchu, walking or taking a bus from there to the ancient city.

The first thing you will see if you go through the Inca trail will be the Sun Gate, from where you can have an amazing view of the mountains and valleys, and obviously, take a lot of pictures. The Winay Wayna, that means forever young in Quechua language, is a complex of houses connected by a staircase and fountains, and is what many travellers say to be the most beautiful ruin of the city.

Also beautiful is the peak Huayna Picchu, on which the high priest's residence was located, according to the local guides. But the most amazing thing in Machu Picchu is surely the Intihuatana stone, placed in the highest point of the city, and was presumably used for casting shadows.
The stone is directed to the exact points of sunrise and sunset at the time of the solstices. It's impossible not to be amazed! So, if you have physical fitness, interest for science and history and passion for beautiful views, Machu Picchu is the perfec choice for your next trip!

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