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Moscow - a heart of Russia

New old capital city

Capital and heart of Russia - Moscow.
One day it was the capital of communist empire, nowadays a home for many billionaires a political, historical, business and academic center of Russia. An undeniable place to visit, mix of remains of dictatorship and present capitalism. For those who think that Moscow is still a grey, cold and dangerous city there will be a big surprise, this Metropolis attracts visitors with luxury skyscrapers, shining neon, tempting nightlife, amazing history and culture.

There is now way to miss Red Square and Kremlin while visiting Russian capital. Start your adventure when the sun starts to go down, night lights will change the heart of Moscow into romantic and fabulous scenery. Kremlin - an old fortress overlooking Moscow River, Saint Basil's Basilica and Red Square used to be reserved for Emperors, now it is an official residence of President and Russian Federation and a great place to take a walk and relax.
Nearby you can also visit Lenin in its eternal state and discover lots of imperial treasures.

"Moscow in Moscow" that is how Russian call Arbat street, with its history, character and traditions this famous street keeps the taste of old times. During summer you can take a sit in one of restaurant's gardens and listen to one of street musicians playing classical music.

As much as modern Moscow is also very Orthodox. Discover colorful, fairy- tale Saint Basil's Cathedral, then gorgeous Cathedral Of Christ the Savoir with its unique iconic architecture.
Moreover the biggest Russian city offers you wide variety of culture. Starting from world-famous Bolshoi Theatre, Nikulin Circus and Tschaikovsky Concert Hall.

Come to Moscow, take a plunge into stylish bars and cafes, discover awe-inspiring history, taste mystery, fun around every corner and don't be afraid to take a bite of caviar and a shot of vodka! Do as Russians do.

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