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Nepal's traditional culture and arts

Temples of Kathmandu

Placed where it's said to be an ancient drained lake, the capital and largest city of Nepal is a gateway to numerous adventures all over the country. Going to Kathmandu can be an amazing cultural experience. The city is full of colours, smells and sounds that could fill your senses.

Nepal is probably the best place to get in touch with nature, with mountains, forests and rivers where people can go trekking, rafting, hiking, cycling and even bird watching.

The best place for low budget travellers is surely Thamel, the centre of the tourist industry. There's basically everything over there, and for that the place is considered as a ghetto by some people, and a tourist heaven by others.

Other then Thamel, going to the Seven Monument Zones are obligatory if you are a tourist in Kathmandu. They show a mix of artistic and architectural traditions, as a mark of the ancient days when the city was a trade route between India and Tibet. Some of them are Buddhist, like the Swayambhu, one of the most ancient religious sites in Nepal, and the most famous monuments are the Durbar Squares, a group of palaces and temples representing old kingdoms and dedicated to some gods.

The best time to visit the capital is from September till November, when the climate is pleasant and locals make a lot of festivities, with good food and interesting rituals, so this wild and amazing city can be fully enjoyed.

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