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Helsinki, pocket-sized metropolis

Place to Go!

Spread across islands, bays and peninsulas, Helsinki, capital of Finland, is a pocket-sized metropolis, where all the monuments and tourist attractions are within walking distance, even if the public transport has a significant quality. Initially established as a trade town by the king of Sweden, in 1550, the city was also under Russian rule, and the mix of east and west can be seen on it's everyday life.

Helsinki was pointed as the second "Place to Go" by the New York Times, for its amazing design, and in the same year, the city was considered the "World Design Capital". Its architecture comprises buildings from Neoclassical to Art Nouveau, and the music, also remarkable, is rich and varied.

More than 80 museums compose the tourist Helsinki, and the National Museum of Finland is the biggest one, displaying a historical collection from prehistory to post-modern. But also the outdoor activities are a great choice. The city is full of parks, camping sites, facilities for skating, running, skiing and even swimming, and for whom likes to fish, the capital is the champion of recreational fishing in Europe.

Located about 80Km from Tallin, Estonia, it's possible to make a one day trip paying a very cheap ferry to there. You could possibly find yourself in one of these ferries during the night, if local people decide to buy cheap alcohol and then go back to carry on with the party in Helsinki, that has a great night-life.

Surprisingly, the tourists are not too much trapped when spending money when partying, shopping or chilling, like all over the world, so we can say people from that city is truly kind and helpful. We can say Helsinki can't disappoint in any part of time, and is a good choice for travellers who want to have a good time in Scandinavia.

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