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Crop Over in Barbados

Natural beauty and gracious hospitality

All around the world that would be the phrase every single one of us wish to say once in their lives, actually making this happened. They say that Caribbean is place where you must go to see the world, it's a paradise on earth, where you will experience all , from poverty to posh.

The Central Barbados has survived a brutal slave time, there are many diverse cultural communities, like Afro, Hindu, Arab and Jewish. Barbados is more than welcoming, it's a vibrant island nation, boasting natural beauty and gracious hospitality, you will have to experience life that here is meant to be truly lived.

We are not talking about the fancy places, where everything has been looked after, we are talking about the real , natural beauty in the marvellous place like Barbados, where the houses is a cultural side of sugar, a unique feature of Barbados.

They are so particular, being the first ever made those kind of houses, plantation workers needed houses that were easily assembled and taken down so they could move from plantation to plantation, the world's true mobile houses, but in general in the island there are different styles dominating, such as British elements, the Jacobean style homes built here in the late 1600s.So that definitely takes tourist's attention, being very particular and splendid.

As it's holiday island where you can find a peace, there are also plenty events going on, local festivals like one of the biggest on the island, also national one is Crop Over, reflecting specific elements of Bajan life, if you look back, the primary driving force of the economy and lifestyle was the sugar crop, consider that it was the main income of the island, earned from the late 1600s until the late 1980s, and it still remains as very powerful influence in the economy and also lifestyle. The festival Crop Over is a celebration of agricultural mainstay. Your stay in Barbados will be very peaceful and particular, away from luxury resorts, but don't worry you will exactly what makes this island so special.

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