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Magnificent Copenhagen

More than 2 million bicycles

While the rest of the world is trying to catch the heat in hot countries, willing to get the sunshine as strong as possible, you could rather take it easy and go with the seasons, enjoying them one by one, Copenhagen would be a place to be right now, it's considered to be the premier capital of Northern Europe, Scandinavia's most amazing city, the splendid Oresund Region in Europe.

You will find both sides in Denmark, the very old and the very modern, you will find world's oldest monarchy in Denmark, and very modern buildings, Danish people are healthy lifestyle lovers, there are about 5.2 million bicycles in Denmark, and 1.2 million in Copenhagen, almost each Danish owns a bike, I have never seen a city with that many bicycles in my entire life!

Copenhagen and Denmark in general is really a great example how things should be in every country around the world, an order that is there is won't fall into the classical tourist trap and overpay, there are so many free things in Copenhagen, free attractions and monuments to visit.

It's considered to be one of the most appealing of capitals and seaports in Europe, with quays and canals penetrating the centre, Copenhagen is so easy and open minded that you will definitely enjoy it and get away from the daily rush. The old quarter is called Inner Town, where you will feel a Renaissance spirit with a northern touch.

Every kid, at least from the Northern Europe remembers the splendid Hans Christian Andersen's stories, specially the Little Mermaid, probably the most famous landmark of Copenhagen, than there is Tivoli, the main amusement park in Copenhagen, very famous Zoo, which is the biggest in Scandinavia and worth of visiting, and one of the brightest rococo Amalienborg Royal Palace, the baroque Academy of Fine Arts.

Copenhagen is a capital that goes only forward and never stops, changes constantly but always getting better. Copenhagen Town Hall is a magnificent reproduction of medieval civic architecture built in the 1890's, the Parliament, and a sparkling Latin Quarter, many The Best awards in the city, rent a bicycle and go around the magnificent city, Copenhagen.

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