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Happy Easter Island!

Girl about the Globe

Now that Easter has come and gone, the days are getting longer and the temperatures are warming up. It’s time to get planning for those summer holidays...

Destination of the Month
Forget the Maldives - visit the Cayes of Belize.This former British colony is the ultimate 'tropical paradise,' with Caribbean sea and beach cabanas that you can only reach by water taxi. It has soul, it has plenty of rum and is untouched by mass tourism. To sum it up, it's amazing!

World News
Despite the threat of a nuclear war by North Korea, tour operators have seen a surge in enquiries to the country as people are intrigued to visit the world’s most mysterious nation. You don’t have to go to North Korea to learn about this country; South Korea offers tours to the DMZ - the border between the countries which offers a unique insight into one of the scariest borders.

International Days
World Health Day on 7th April marked the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organisation. Every year they highlight a theme for public health around the world and to celebrate the day, here are our tips on staying healthy abroad:
It’s not just food that you have to be careful of when you’re away; money carries germs too so use a hand gel after handling any currency.
Going from hot to cold quickly can cause stomach upsets so before you put the air conditioning on, try and climatise for a few minutes to allow your body to cool down naturally.

If you’re feeling dizzy empty a rehydration formula within a bottle of water to replenish your mineral levels.

Responsible Tourism
School children from Indonesia are so concerned about how climate change is affecting their daily that they have urged tourism leaders across the globe to take the matter seriously.
As shark populations worldwide are collapsing, shark tourism is being seen as a way of protecting sharks in ecotourism. From volunteering programmes to diving with sharks tours, countries are creating large marine areas to contribute to their conservation.

Airline News
Finnair now has a new check-in service where you can check out who you’ll be sitting next to on your flight!
Can’t travel without wanting to check your emails or social media? American Airlines are the answer to your problem. You can now connect to Wi-Fi on your flight over the Atlantic Ocean on their flight to South America.

Hostel/Hotel News
RIU Hotels has launched its sustainability website presenting its commitment to the environment and its future plans as well as projects within its community.

Unusual Hotel
Fancy a room with a sea view? The Utter Inn in Sweden is a floating, underwater island which comes complete with a Swedish red house and your very own island just for one!

Hostel of the Week
The Hostel Van Gogh in Amsterdam has been awarded one of the 'Most Popular Hostels' in Europe by HostelBookers. It's modern, it's hip, it's close to the Van Gogh Museum (hence the name) and you can even hire a bike to cycle around the city.

Cruise News
Europe is seeing a boom in river cruising. You can now enjoy cruising along Portugal’s wine country, visit the German Christmas markets on a six night cruise, sail along the Seine on a wine-themed cruise, explore the Dutch waterways or have a taste of France in Provence and Burgundy.

Something Different
You don’t have to be an astronaut to experience the thrill of outer space. Virgin Galactic are now taking people beyond the Earth - “Beam me up Scottie.”

Places to Visit which won’t break the Bank
Ukraine, South Korea, Nicaragua, Tasmania, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Gulf Coast, Panama.

Travel Tip
Take a shampoo bar as it’s less heavy than shampoos and lasts just as long or a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner.

The Flip Side
The Flip Side looks at local communities all over the world and gives the other side of the story. This week we look at one of Africa’s oldest tribes, the Maasai from Tanzania who are being kicked off their land to make way for tourists to shoot lions and leopards.

Best places for...Beaches
Close to the Mayan ruins, Tulum beach is perfect for combining beach with ancient history. Choose Cancun or Playa del Carmen for perfect relaxation, Cozumel for Mexican huts or Cabo San Lucas for watersports

Quote of the Week:
“Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”
Gustave Flaubert.

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