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James Bond Island

Phuket in Thailand

Aren't you just exhausted of the winter greyness and wishing to get to the beaches, relaxing and sipping some cool drinks, it's all about willing to reach the summer as soon as possible. No matter where in the world your are living, the need to get to some unknown place and just enjoy the vacation is priceless and very needed for everyone. During this time of the year, the island of Phuket is getting more and more crowded with people that enjoy the high season of phuket. It's made of 33 little islands, it's the largest of all, linked to the mainland by bridge,it's so old fashion and modern at the same time.

Thailand's island has grown a lot during the past few years, if before tourists had no idea what is it, than now it has become famous for 3 major shopping centers, great restaurants , by the way this area provides a less expensive alternative to the west coast beach resorts. There are also older quartes of town, that reminds of history and gives a city nice touch, dotted with 19th century buildings that are distinguished by their distinctive Sino-Portuguese architectural style.

If you want to overlook all the island, you will have an amazing view from the summit of Rang Hill ,Khao Rang,over viewing Makham Bay, totally worth it!But that's not it, also Aquarium, Butterfly garden, Thai village and Orchid Garden, Phuket is a very nature loving island, making you feel just like in paradise.

The main source of income in Phuket is agriculture and tourism, in a past few years it has been over packed with travellers, seeking for nature, peace and great vacation. The island is divided in three main districts: Talang, Kathu and Muang.You will experience dream beaches, with clear waters, with incredible coral in the surrounding water.

The very famous statue in the island is Buddha statue at Wat Phra Kaew, crowded by travellers making thousands of pictures. The island is excellent for diving and fishing, while girls lying on the beach having gossip and relaxing, men can do a real men thing, going fishing in the wild waters. Limestone cliffs, fishing villages and caves will leave you speechless, it's a definitely James Bond Island.

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