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Enlinking the Caucasus!

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Have you been to Georgia? No not the State in the US, the country in the Caucasus, just north of Armenia. Armenia?...or do you mean Romania? Maybe Albania? No? Ah it's part of Russia? We don't blame your confusion - both are relatively small countries, but each are fascinating destinations to discover, with rich culture and history, breathtaking landscape and hidden wonders, traditions and of course fantastic food and wine!

To do each of these countries justice, you need to spend days or weeks in each. But which traveller has that much time these days? So if you are like most, and are short on time and resources, we'd recommend taking a tour to make the most of your time. Sure, tours might not normally be your thing, but those offered by a local tour company' Envoy Tours is very different to most.

Envoy Tours are designed to reveal not only the historical detail of prominent sights, but to provide an unforgettable experience as it exposes the local culture and traditions. On top of that, the tours are value packed and affordable, often making it the most economical way to get around and make most of our your valuable travel time. One of their such tours is the unique 'Enlinking Caucasus'.

Normally, your options of travelling between the capital cities' Tbilisi and Yerevan are either a crammed public minibus ride for 6 hours or a slow moving night train for 12 hours. Either way you don't get to see much of the beautiful sights and stunning landscape on route. However Envoy's 'Enlinking Caucasus' tour offers an alternative option of sightseeing and transportation combined!

The journey starts from Tbilisi, Georgia, crossing the border to Armenia, and a short drive away you'll find the unique 10th century Akhtala Fortress/Monastery. You will be amazed by the detailed frescoes preserved inside this structure, said to be the oldest if not the biggest in the world. From there your journey will continue to see the UNESCO Heritage listed sights of Haghpat and Sanahin monasteries, each unique with their architecture, history and surrounding landscape which makes it special.

A highlight in its own right during this tour is the lunch! You will experience a traditional, home cooked lunch with a local family. You'll sample delicious food and also discover about local traditions and culture, getting an insight to the way of life in villages. This indeed will be a memorable experience to linger in your memory for years to come! The journey continues down south through the marvelous Debed Canyon with its still functioning copper factory creating an interesting contrast to the surrounding beauty of the natural landscape.

Stopping in Aparan and sampling the delicious fresh pastries from the local bakery is a must. You will never forget the taste of the Armenian sweet bread (Gata).

Only 50 minutes later you'll arrive in Yerevan. You're exploring of Armenia is well and truly underway, and now its time to discover the stunning city of Yerevan! The Enlinking Caucasus tour operates both ways between Tbilisi and Yerevan. Envoy Hostel and Tours offers Hostel accommodation in both Tbilisi and Yerevan, plus tours around Georgia and Armenia. For further information see:

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