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Going solo but need a helping hand? Girl about the Globe is a brand new website designed especially for you - the solo female traveller. We're celebrating the increase in women travelling alone and those seeking more meaningful experiences to gain a better understanding of the world as they travel.

Use for pre-planning your trip, for tips and inspiration when you're abroad or for something that little bit different. We're got everything you ever need to know about travelling solo covered in our ultimate guide (plus much more to come!)

World News
India has been in the news lately with several highly publicized attacked on women travellers. This has had an affect on the amount of women travelling to this country and the Foreign Office has warned women to exercise caution when travelling to India. The Wall Street Journal has reported that:
India remains generally safe for female travelers and most women will experience, at worst, unwelcome attention from men.'

India is a beautiful, vibrant country and if you are concerned about visiting India then try the safety of a group tour.

International Days
Last month millions of people around the globe united to celebrate Earth Hour, and chose to go a whole hour without power. Cities were plunged into darkness lit only by candlelight, in the aid of reducing the effect on the the planet. The international 'hour' took place on 23rd March and initially began in Sydney in 2007 with just two million people. Nowadays the event has spread across the Earth and is an international phenomenon.

Responsible Tourism
The Wild Asia Responsible Tourism awards have been launched for their seventh year and applications are open to find tourism providers and businesses that are making a difference to the environment and local communities by giving something back through sustainable tourism. The awards will be for: the best in cultural preservation, in community engagement and development, resource efficiency, protection of natural areas and wildlife conservation and the most inspiring. The winners will be announced in October.

Airline News
The award-winning airline Emirates has teamed up with Qantas to expand its flying route. You can now fly to 32 destinations across Australia via Dubai on their combined network and clock up your Skywards air miles as you go.

Hostel News
Hostels are the hottest new thing in America and are following in the footsteps of Europe, catering for the upmarket flashpacker. You won't find the old-style youth hostels here, instead they are more sociable and realise the importance of having good Wifi. So you'll be able to update your social media by day and party with other travellers at night. Perfect!

Unusual Hotel
If you've ever wondered what it's like to spend a night behind bars then a visit down under at Freemantle Prison in Perth will give you an insight. The 150 year old prison is converting the old female cells to brand new hostel rooms - a great opportunity to get banged up abroad!

Hostel/Hotel of the week
Studying in Europe and looking for the best concept hotel? Then look no further than the Student Hotel in Rotterdam. The hotel combines traditional and student living features, and attracts international students from all over. It comes complete with a library, study rooms, and on-site bar and restaurant and even a fitness room! But you don't have to be a student to stay here - there are rooms for regular hotel guests and even shorter stays for friends and family.

Cruise News
Thought cruising was just for the Caribbean and the Mediterranean? Think again. You can cruise almost anywhere and River cruising is the hottest thing at the moment with Viking River Cruises smashing a world record for the number of new ships in one day. The World's leading river cruise line has just added another 10 ships to its fleet. Cruise along the Murray River, the Danube and many others.

Something Different
Love trying the local cuisine when you travel? Then take a culinary tour to the world's tastiest destinations with Trip Feast, guaranteed to tantilise those taste buds.

Travel Tip
If you're going on more than one trip a year look at annual insurance instead. Insure and Go offer a policy that covers you for up to 90 days at a time; perfect for multi trips.

The Flip Side
The Flip Side looks at local communities all over the world and gives the other side of the story. This week we look at Ethiopia's Oma Valley tribes who are being forcibly evicted and resettled due to the Government leasing large parts of their land for the construction of the Gibe III dam. Over 200,000 tribal people depend on the flow of the Omo river for survival, which will be severely disrupted upon completion.

Best places for...Dancing
There's no denying it - Brazillians know how to dance and they love to show their moves in clubs and even on the streets. Each Saturday the Lapa neighbourhood holds a big street party where you can find the locals dancing the Samba. The biggest celebration has to be the Rio Carnival, the world's largest carnival held in February each year with a four day celebration of colour and feathers that leave you well and truly partied out.

Quote of the Week:
One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things' Henry Miller.

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