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Magic Krakow in Poland

Jewish city

In the southern Poland, 120 kilometres from the Mountains, there is the most spiritual and in the same case full of entertainment city - Krakow. Every year it has got more than 7,5 visitors, who can spend there even over two and a half billions zlotys (around 300 millions Euros).

The most incredible thing about Krakow is the history. It was a home-city for many important Kings as a previous capital of Poland. Near the river called Vistula, there is the Wawel Castle, where the old city center starts. The road from this castle provides to Market Square, which is the biggest square in Europe! Around the Market Square there are a lot of restaurants with kitchen from all over the world (Italian, Spanish, Greek, Mexican, Russian, Japanese and much more) and of course great polish kitchen which is made mostly from meat and potatoes. Every Christmas and Easter in the center of Market Square there is special market with polish food, souvenirs, articles for kitchen and clothes.

Instead of Market Square, the Old City of Krakow includes also another special area called Kazimierz, known as Jewish City. It is best known for being home to a significant Jewish community from the 14th century on until the Holocaust in the Second World War. There are many old churches and synagogues full of a interesting history, for example: Old Synagogue (XV century), Remuh Synagogue (XVI century), Saint Catherine Church (XV century).

Kracow nightlife offers many kinds of pubs, cafes and clubs. Starting from lovers of latin music, than fans of disco, reagge, jazz, blues and finishing on traditional polish folk music - Everyone can find something for himself!

If You enjoy culture and art, Krakow history from the end of XIX century is a source of Theatre in Poland. The most popular theatres invite everyone to feel the spirit of old plays, written from Shakespeare, Moliere, Czechow, Wyrypajew, Mickiewicz and many others.

Krakow is open every time for everyone in any age and any kinds of interests !!! there are other million places Must see in Krakow, that will leave you breathless!

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