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Journees du Chocolat

Chocolate Festival in Bayonne

Easter time is equal to chocolate time, Easter eggs filled with delicious chocolate … time to relax a bit, having great excuse to eat , sweetening your life. In many towns during spring are held chocolate festivals and one of the best country on earth for those treats is France. The city Bayonne is one that held this festival during May, also known as chocolate pioneer town."Journees du Chocolat" a chocolate festival in Bayonne, this sweet festival happens once a year, they say good things you need in small amounts.

If we look back in the history, wondering how did it started, here is the answer, 400 years ago the Portuguese Jews took to the town of Bayonne their chocolate recipe and made it the first French chocolate city. After one century of making great chocolate and learning from mistakes, growing every single day, they created a Chocolate Maker's Guild, and swiftly excluded Jews from it How Nice.

These kind of business were mostly a family things, son got it from the father, but than there were too many chocolate shops, so most of them were shutted down, only seven survived in middle of 20th Century, they still exist today, Cazenave, which was created in 1854. Bayonne is famous for its little boutique shops,very French, serving hot chocolate, originally flavoured with cinnamon, and its darks bitter chocolate that melts in your mouth.

Bayonne city is located in the far south west of France and is very popular for another delicious thing, Ham, helding also Ham festival annually. You can come and enjoy this very traditional French town, tasting the best chocolate ever, there will be countless demonstrations, and artists creating sculptures and paintings with chocolate, imagine great sculptures made of chocolate, and Atiniel Leins paints with chocolate.

It will be all about the sweetness, get your friends, family and kids, all of you will have a ball. If you are chocolate lover, you can enjoy wide varieties of chocolates in an elegant setting as well as learn about different methods of chocolate making all in Journees du Chocolat. Dont miss a lot of tasting, seems like heaven? Being in France and have sweets all day long? Dreams can come true!

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