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Rotterdam, city of Architecture 2007

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Rotterdam is the only skyscraper city in the Netherlands and famous for its modern, contemporary architecture. This year the city will more than ever be dominated by architectural themes and highlights. As part of the Year of Architecture, the city will turn out purple this year!!!!

During the year fourty buildings in the city centre will tell a story about history and architecture in an original and surprisingly new way. Artists will accentuate the characteristic features of buildings by purple colored shapes. This varies from the entire façade of a Cube-house to a simple bench in front of a Rotterdam Snack bar.

Now, at this moment purple features are slowly making their way through the city of Rotterdam. After the purple Erasmusbridge, it is the New Luxor Theatre which will be turned out in purple next. Slowly but surely an increasing number of buildings, like World Trade Centre and the City Hall, will be decorated with purple accents, so do keep looking around you.

Another highlight of the architectural year 2007 will take place in May 2007. Then the bombing of Rotterdam in the second world war will be memorized with a visualization of the fire boundaries. Hundreds of light beams will be pointed towards the sky. Something like this has never been experienced as a whole, so do come to Rotterdam and enjoy this dynamic city full of surprises.

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