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Marathon de Monaco et des Riviera

Sunny Monte Carlo

March a and spring time in general is a marathon time everywhere, and there is one special place where people head all over the year, even if the high season is in during the summer and Christmas, Monte Carlo in Monaco is marvellous and worth visiting. Located in the Mediterranean, Monaco has a mild climate, with more than 300 days of sunshine per year. The place is usually crowded by Formula 1 Gran Prix, most of the world's richest people have private villas there, so the location is perfect for raise some funds for our field operations.

Marathon de Monaco et des Riviera is a marathon that starts and ends in Monaco, crossing the border to France and Italy, going along the coast to a turning point in Ventimiglia, Italy and back again to Monaco. There are different smaller races that includes only Monaco territory, 10km race, so it's up to you to choose which suits you. It's held each year in March, back in 2009 there were 700 participants plus more than 1000 for the small 10 km race. Each participant pays 50€ , and all that money is to ship some judo equipment for a field program in Cote d'Ivoire. The 10 km race continued as originally planned and a total of 1800 runners from 39 countries took part in 2010.

The Team Peace this year will make sure to raise enough money to give for charity, for "Judo is the School of Life", 2008 there was a Judo center opened, which now employs 3 judo coaches, 1 dance and theater educator and 1 schoolteacher full time, enabling 600 kids to practice judo regularly. Come to Monte Carlo and enjoy the sun, one of the 300 sunny days of the year, and do some nice run through two most beautiful countries, helping someone in the world. Sounds like great start of the spring.

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