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Celebrating Saint Patrick

Anything but green

I have spent few years in Ireland, and I can confirm, that they are one of the nicest people on the earth, they might love too much beer, but that's their thing, knowing how to have a great time with friend next to the pint of beer.

All night-life finishes at 3 Am, but 7 o'clock in the morning you will see some Irish lads getting out of the pubs heading home...the life there goes easy with no rush, enjoying every moment they can specially the sunny ones. San Patrick's day has become a very international celebration all over the world, even if its original roots have religious meaning, nowadays probably no one knows who was Patrick.

17th of March is the day of San Patrick's death, and it's a bank holiday in Ireland, a national day. This brave man was the patron saint of Ireland, he brought Christianity to the green country, born in Wales around AD 385, the legend tells that he was carried off by pirates and he spent six years in slavery, before he escaped and trained as missionary. There thousands of legends about Saint Patrick but one of the most famous is about him driving the snakes from Ireland, the man died on 17th of March and this date has become the celebration of the Saint Patrick's.

If you ask how Irish celebrate the national holiday now and than, I would say, BIG! There are parades all over the country in each small and big town, in the morning of the Saint Patrick's day Irish families would go to the churches and celebrate in the afternoon with wide parades, all dressed in green, the date falls in the season of Christian Lent.

The national emblem of Ireland is the Shamrock, Saint Patrick used the three-leaved shamrock to explain how the Father, Son and Holy Spirit could exist as separate parts of the same being. Irish wear nothing but green all day long, drinking Guinness which is the traditional drink of Ireland, they have been celebrating this day for over 1000 years and the tradition is beloved by all world.

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