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National Pigs Day

Tisch Childrens Zoo, NY

It's a day in a year that that someone can call you a Pig and you just can not get offended, it's 1st of April and it's a National Pig Day! The first of March, that's the National day of all pigs in the world, animals and also those human who might be :) actually you shouldn't get offended about being named Pig,cos they are considered to be one of the world's most intellectual and domesticated animals. Believe it or not but can also be thought tricks, pigs at the Tisch Children's Zoo in New York have been said to have stolen the show during past events on March 1st.

You might thing about pigs as dirty animals ,which just eats and sleeps, or the only association you have with those buddies is with bacon, I'm telling you that there are so much more to love about those rotund and pink creatures. That's the reason why the two sisters Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave started National Pig Day back in 1972. All to gather the great animals, who are so intelligent that they roll in the mud just to cool themselves off since they do not sweat.

It's a party all over New York, including pink punch, pork snacks and ribbon pigtails tied around trees to honour our pigs! All around the NY and Chicago, the parties will be on, maybe it's just another reason to throw a party, and even if so, why not? National Pig Day 2012 on Saturday March 3rd with a party in honor of two 1 and half year-old American Guinea hogs named Maple and Honey, followed by a parade led by the Zoo's pig costume character, the parade will end in Hamill Family Play Zoo, where all the visitors, adults and kids, will be able to participate in pig-themed crafts and activities. Enjoy and remember the National Pig's Day 2013!

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