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Mascheranda Ball

Venice Carnival

It's carnival time all over Italy but we all know which is the most famous city for carnivals in the world, different kind of masks represents this beautiful town, sure it's Venice, Italy's nord capital. The carnival has started already lasting until the 12th of February, so we still have 4days to get there, and take a part of it.

Fancy masks, masquerade kids all over the city, confetti and many sweets and treats, also parades and festival will cheer your February mood up. A two-week series of processions, masquerades, traditional ceremonies, music and all-round festivities fills the canals, squares and palaces of this ancient city.

The Carnival has a new theme of the of the celebration every year, so you can not say: have been there, done that. Famous St Mark's Square will turn into life with musical, theatrical, acrobatic and dance performances. There are two kind of revellers visiting the city from all over the world, those ones who get any kind of mask and fallow the street parties and performances and those more aristocratic ones, who prefer masked balls and period costume and gala dinners to attend.

It's one of the oldest festivals in the world, existing since the 13th Century, anyone has to attend it with a mask, when the night comes, the masked balls come to life; the Gothic Palazzo Pisani-Moretta hosts the grandest. Guests arrive in gondolas along the moonlit Grand Canal for the Ballo del Doge, Mascheranda Ball.

All the romantic Venetian palaces bring up delicious cuisine, baroque music, ballroom dancing and sumptuous costumes. That's something you wouldn't like to miss, dancing couples, acrobats, live music and a way too much loving atmosphere, but this is an exception, which is allowed...

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