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Brazilian cofffee

Cerrado region in Brazil

There is one thing we could not resist in a life without, well , at least me and another world of smell of it, the feeling when you wake up in the morning, and the first thought that pops in your head is coffee...addiction? Maybe but good one. Cabana is very famous for green coffee beans,bringing the finest coffee beans from the heart of Brazil straight to all our hearts...they have a great experience.

The best coffee coming from the country where the beans come from , drinking it there, the visitors expect the best in the country, but unfortunately the best bean deal ends there, Brazilians are used to a coffee that is not that strong, more like "americano" . Originally the plant was brought from Ethiopia, by some French settler who was staying in Para back in 18th Century and since than from the North of Brazil the coffee fields started to spread along the country, nobody could even imagine that it was the beginning of the great main economic activity of the country, the coffee beans were growing great there, that was the very start of the great protagonist of the Brazilian contemporary history.

Since than coffee is an essential part of Brazil and its history, for example coffee Cabana very carefully selects the coffee beans , straight from the Cerrado region in Brazil, the winters are perfect for the beans in that region, mild and dry during the harvest season, that what it makes it the best, all this process produces a supreme quality drink due to the nature and sensitivity of coffee beans. From the Brazilian coffee beans you can expect the best quality, a light to medium roast that has a nutty taste. Brazil have a great experience in producing the best coffee in the world, almost 50 years.

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