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Boat Show Dusseldorf

Sailing, surfing, divers

It's a shame if you have been in Germany and have no idea what's Dusseldorf like, if it would be up to me, I would say that's one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, that would be my top one! The atmosphere of the little cosy streets, the lovely people willing to help you, speaking great English...even if you are big city person you will just love it. It's a small but very rich city, with lovely bakery shops and business rush at the same time.

As Dusseldorf has rich inhabitants they are willing to throw great parties and exhibitions, like some for water sport lovers, Boat exhibition, at the Messe Dusseldorf. There will be everyone who is involved in the business, looking for sponsors, that's a perfect location, also a a range of equipment for water-sports, tourist agencies and professional training centres are represented. Its a great opportunity for the little organisations to show off, such as small diving bases from Egypt representing themselves, also big names like Philippines, Maldives, Indonesia and Italy will be extolling their virtues as diving destinations.

Fan of sailing, surfing, divers and all those ones who go crazy for any kind water sports, will be more than welcome, also the curious ones, the organisers of diving trips are looking forward optimistically to boot Dusseldorf 2013. From the 19th until the 27th January will be held world's biggest consumer show for recreational diving, 350 exhibitors in Hall 3 will be presenting novelties, equipment and accessories,showcasing the latest news.

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