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If you're planning your trip for 2013, now is the best time to book it with sales galore. There are great sales on airlines and tours. Here’s a couple to whet your travel appetite: and

2013 Top Destination
New Zealand - After the success of the film The Hobbit. New Zealand is set to be one of the top destinations for 2013. With a North and South island to explore, this country has amazing landscapes, icy glaciers, waterfalls, Scottish towns and wilderness islands, plus plenty for the adrenalin junkies. New Zealand is the perfect country to hire a motorhome and just drive...

Ways to Travel
Love teaching and want to travel? Then consider teaching English abroad. I to I are offering discounts on their TEFL courses to get you started on your pathway to a rewarding career abroad.

Something Different
Have a holiday and get divorced at the same time at Netherlands’ Divorce Hotel!

Latest blog posts:
Are you single and feeling the winter blues too? another-year-another-husband/
Scared of travelling solo? Head full of doubts? Travelling solo can be the greatest experience you'll ever have...

The Flip Side
The Flip Side looks at local communities all over the world and gives the other side of the story.

Renowned at Christmas time, the world’s largest reindeer herd is in serious decline and the reindeer people are under threat.

It has been an amazing year for New York with a record 52 million tourists visiting the Big Apple in 2012. Its reputation as the safest major American city has definitely drawn in the crowds.

Quote of the Week:
“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” (Aldous Huxley)

• Wearing a ring on your engagement finger can give you some extra security and help to avoid unwanted attention.
• Pre-book your first night’s accommodation and figure out your way from the airport before you travel.

Did You Know?
Bosnia has the best hostels according to Hostelling International. This tiny wonderland has green pastures and river canyons and is only half the size of Portugal!

A bit of Inspiration:
Life is what you make it. It’s never too late to change it. Realise your dream and make 2013 your best year ever...

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