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Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin

Heilongjiang Province

It's a month for snow and all the dun we can get out of it...and when it comes to ice and snow sculpture competitions, there is no better place on earth for that , than Harbin in China.

This freezing temperatures is perfect conditions for participants to get creative with their blocks of ice. You will experience a whole ice world in China, the Snow Festival will transform the Zhaolin Park into a glittering wonderland constructed entirely from ice. All the best professionals will work on it, to make you visit breathtaking.

This year it will be the 29th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival and it will last for over one month, starting on the 5th January. You will see the best collections of ice artworks , they will be exhibited in five main places: Ice and Snow World, Ice Lantern Garden Party, Sun Island Scenic Area, Yabuli International Ski Resort and Zhaolin Park, seems enough for some fun? You won't believe what your eyes will experience, it will be like a fairy tail.

There will be two teams of artist, they will chisel away at two-metre square blocks of ice in the hope of winning cash prizes. The festival dates back in 1985, held in Harbin which is the capital of Heilongjiang Province.

This great China's artwork will attract thousands of people from all over the universe. Thanks to China's north-east climate , which provides abundant natural ice and snow, the beautiful festival will happen. The fabulous Ice Lantern Festival is still the best loved part of the event, which was the forerunner of the current festival. Come to China and live an ice dream!

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