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Christmas time in Sweden

Fireplace, mulled wine and ginger cookies

If think of Christmas, the first thought that pops in your mind I guess is snow...Christmas tree and of course all the delicious meals that we will have with family , friends and all the relatives...each country has its own traditional food and drinks, Italians have 7 fish dishes, others eat piece and beans to not cry next year...but Sweden and all the Scandinavian countries have special ginger cookies called Pepparkakor and mulled wine called Glogg.

All the countdown and festival spirit in Sweden starts with the first advent, counting every Sunday, light the candle each Sunday, every next adding another, and at the last Sunday Christmas , you light all four candles. Than all the celebration continues with 13th of December , which is the day of Saint Lucia, it's celebrated with traditional songs and treats such as the ginger cookies, peppercator, it's a holiday in Sweden. All the girls are dressed in a beautiful white gowns with lighted candles in their hands, the performance is at the Swedish Christmas Bazaar, with many entertainment such as lottery and other attractions for kids.

All the Christmas preparation in this country starts a way before the Christmas, with lots of food and shopping, it's one of the happiest times of the year in there, most of the houses have fireplaces, cos of the cold, so you can only imagine how warm is the atmosphere there with freezing cold outside, snowing, and nice and warm inside, with candles, hot wine and songs...if we have a look back in the history, before Christianity came to Scandinavia, there was Yule, observation of the winter solstice, it's still celebrated, meaning a season change, basicly mid winter celebration of the transition from the dark winter to the spring, with evenings getting longer and with the dark backing off. December is considered to be the darkest month of the year, so it's also a happy time for Scandinavians to celebrate and count down the arrival of LIGHT!

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