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Holiday Stroll in New Mexico

Illuminated by lanterns

The holiday mood is all over the cities and countries, in New Mexico there is an annual event held holiday Stroll in Albuquerque, all the city is illuminated by laterns, making a striking and beautiful Christmas display. If you like to help to raise the money for local charities, Shop till you drop! The event is considered as very important for the Old Town Merchants Association's retailers and restaurants.

There is a special tradition in Albuquerque New Mexico is lining up Luminarias and Farolitos, which are little candles in a brown paper bags weighted by sand, which by now has become a very popular tradition. A very warm atmosphere will warm you up with some singers and musicians performing. All the lightening is held at Don Luis Plaza kicking off the delightful evening of entertainment, dining and shopping. You will be accompanied by special aromas of hot chocolate and spicy treats, also able to get some unique souvenirs with special discounts.

You will be surprised how beautiful is it, all lighted up, looks like a romantic little town, and there is a specialty chile, so you should ask Red or Green? It refers to the type of the chile you would prefer on your dish, you will definitely enjoy the delicious flavors of the New Mexico's cuisine, such as New Mexican green chile, dried red chile powder, more types of salsa, that would just perfectly spice up the winter cold, and at the top just get Mexican State Cookie, the biscochito. The food is essential there, that goes hand to hand with the holiday Stroll.

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