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The Cat That Eats Diodes

River Delta, Hong Kong

Situated on the coast of southern China, at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong which is home to more than 200 Outlying Islands is an attractive place for tourists from all over the World. Its oriental culture and sub-tropical climate advantage traveling and sightseeing and its wide range of places and activities make the city even more interesting. Most of the citizens, especially in tourism sector, speak English, besides all public transport announcements, official signs and most of menus are bilingual, what makes the communication easier.

If you are planning to travel to Hong Kong it is obvious that seeing Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery, Avenue of Stars and The Peak is a must. For shopaholics Ladies' Market and Temple Street Night Market will be the best places to visit and to spend their money on. And if after doing all mandatory sightseeing and having fun in Hong Kong Disneyland or Ocean Park Hong Kong you are eager to challenge some inconvenient modern art exhibition you should not miss The Cat That Eat Diodes.

That out of ordinary event celebrate the art collective's six-year work that is represented by electricity and life. The exhibition shows the world from new perspective, from animated goldfish to lasercut trees, using LED technology, video, photography and contemporary sculptures. Liu Dao, the author of the exhibition, shows reality, illusion, representation and identity by interactive artworks and installations.

The exhibition is available for citizens and tourists from Wednesday to Sunday until 27th December 2012 in the historic district island in Hong Kong. The opening hours are 11.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

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