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Canadian Aboriginal Festival

Traditional educational events.

Autumn is a beautiful but a little bit sad time, the weather change from summer to autumn, from hot to cold, from light to dark, the evening getting longer and the days shorter, and in every minds comes some kind of Canada has created a new tradition, this year it will be the 16th Canadian Aboriginal Festival. The drums and dancers will shake you up, great groups from all over the Canada create a heady unforgettable show at the traditional Pow Wow inside Hamilton's Copps Coliseum.

This festival is considered as Canada's largest Aboriginal festival ,welcoming everyone from all over the universe, offering you the opportunity to share and learn about North America's Aboriginal peoples. The Canadian Aboriginal Festival is for any age, everyone will find something to do, kids, families, friends, elders, music and rhythm are two things that don't need to be explained, you all will find a common language. There will be market place, performing arts, workshops, also fashion show and different kind of traditional educational events.

This year the City of Hamilton will play the host role, the festival is organized by the Indian Art-I-Crafts of Ontario, it's an non-profit Aboriginal organization. The organizers this year are very sure, that this year's event will exceed the 40.000 visitors, that was a number back in 2008 in Toronto, there will be excellent traditional foods,music and arts venues, shopping and all kind of necessary information.

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