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National Beauty Contest

Senorita Colombia

The beauty is something unconditional, something that seems to be a gods gift, even if the world today has become a bit too modern, and a beauty is no more an issue , you can simply buy it now...but still , there are some, that seems to be created by gods, the natural beauty I mean. And there again it comes a question , do we still need a beauty contests? For many , is a shallow thing, but why not? In a world where everything has become so commercial, why not have these a bit out of Fashion things? To appreciate those few who still have it from gods? I don't see nothing bad in that.

So, once again in Colombia annually is celebrated Colombia's annual National Beauty Contest, with all the beauties from the south America, right at the tropical Cartagena on the Caribbean coast, imagine, beach sand, beautiful women.... To be honest, Colombia still seems to keep their traditions and believes, strong. If you look at the country ten years ago, it was famous for one thing only, the drug dealers, left-wing guerrilla groups and paramilitaries, now, it has become one of the hottest South America's destinations, with mountains, coastline and jungle, and I won't even mention the stunning archaeological sites and vibrant culture. The reigning Senorita Colombia becomes a national star and ambassador for Colombia, renowned for it's beautiful women.

But do not think, that it's all about the women beauty and some men watching it giving notes,it's all for great charity, the contest is called Belleza con un proposito, meaning beauty with a purpose, it's on since 1979, all the collected money will benefit institutions that work for the elderly, children, and disaster victims to satisfy their basic needs, health and education, so it's all for good, let the men spend, so we can save some one. The location is splendid, the only South American country with both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, come to enjoy both natural beauties, women and nature.

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