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Creamfield Dance Festival

Santiago, Chile

Chile is the famous country of coffee and the other goods, great vacation destinations and delicious food, but there is another thing very well known, the parties, and November is the time when to hit Santiago, the capital of Chile, you might considered it as a dirty and loud city, but there is nowhere like in Santiago, seems like the loudness belongs to the charm of the city,the incredible chaos that lives there, but at the same time is so incredibly cultured and ambitious...

Right today, the ninth of November starts the famous dance festival Creamfields 2012, bringing together the best DJ's and dancers, all the youngsters of the country will be there, and also many from all over the world, it's a great opportunity for all the travelers at this time to see and to enjoy the real wild party life in Chile. This global Dance Music Festival will hit Chile with never ending night dancing.

All the best clubbers and Dj's will be there, in Santiago's open air Espacio Riesco to get their fix of house, techno, electronic, progressive and pop on different stages. All the national favorite DJ's will be there to see DJ David Guetta and DJ Calvin Harris,to listen to their performances, it's a big happening, so don't miss it! There will be more than 20.000 fans expected to take a part of Santiago's gigantic dance festival hits South America.

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