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Disney's Bonfire Spectacular

Make your dreams come true

There is a dream for every single child and adult on this earth, but one of the most common one is to go to the Disneyland, I have no idea if it's all about the great marketing or there is really something magical in it, that attracts everyone from age 4 till 99...the original one in Paris, is the most visited one, also being perfect for families, while kids are having fun in the Disneyland, the adults can enjoy the very romantic atmosphere in Paris...

Every year there is an Disney's Bonfire Spectacular, an amazing fireworks extravaganza right in the Paris, attracting millions of visitors, making the same amount happy! It starts today, until Friday, so plenty of time to get ready for the trip of a lifetime, enjoying enthralling music, incredible special effects and a gigantic, floating bonfire on Lake Disney. That's what I call dream come true for all of you. It's also a great commercial for all the hotels and B&B's they offer special deals, if you stay for 3 nights , the 4th one you get free, so hurry up, you might catch some delicious offer!

Meet Mickey, Goofy, Donald the Duck and all others Disney characters in real, this is a once in a lifetime party for you and your family, those few days will transform celebrations forever. It's a celebrations to honour Guy Fawkes Day, you just have to be in Paris, to make your dream alive, no matter how old are you, Disneyland is Cool for every age!

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