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Israel first Hostel Conference by Gomio

Israel is a very larger exporter per capita of backpackers to various destinations around the world (India, Latin America, Australia etc.). However it's still a relatively small market when it comes to incoming backpackers coming to tour the Holy Land. Abraham Hostel Jerusalem was opened in 2010 in order to change this. The 72-room hostel is the largest in the country, catering for the backpacker crowd, otherwise known in the industry as "budget independent travelers" or budget FIT's. Growing this market is a key interest to which the founders of Abraham Hostels devote a good amount of time and effort. Besides accommodation the hostel offers daily in-house activities, huge lounge & bar, Internet café, 24 hour reception, free breakfast and much more. The hostel also operates an in-house touring company – Abraham Tours, offering custom designed day trips for backpackers to various destinations – the Dead Sea, Galilee, The West Bank, Petra and Egypt.

Next month, the World Hostel Conference (WHC) will take place in Jerusalem on November 5-7. Abraham Hostel is co-sponsoring this great event where it's expected that over 150 professionals from the global hostel industry will be coming to explore the great country of Israel in the magnificent city of Jerusalem.

The Conference is designed to foster the development of the youth accommodations sector of the travel market by bringing together hostel owners, managers, trade associations, software providers, and booking portals from around the world to network and discuss matters related to the hostel industry.

Yaron Burgin, co-owner of Abraham Hostels says he is “very proud and excited to bring such a major event to Israel. This is yet another important step in turning Israel the Middle East into a significant backpacking destination”.

The social program of the conference is planned to be more productive if not more than the professional content part. Evening cocktails in 2 different hostels (HI Agron and Abraham Hostel Jerusalem), guided tours to the old city of Jerusalem, special tour to the Dead Sea and Masada and of course a closing event - a party in one of the town’s hottest clubs.

Previous WHC events took places in Ney-York, Vancouver, Berlin and others. This year for the first time it will happen in the Middle East,

undoubtedly a unique opportunity for everyone to feel a breath of history from a closer look.

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