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Little, lucky Swedish girl

Pippi Longstocking

Every kid has its own hero, doesn't matter if it's from his favourite movie, band or most often from the favourite book...we had it once, the very favourite that we would listen, watch or read all over again, and would never get tired from it, even knowing every word in memory. Times have been changed and all the heros have also transformed, such as Ben Ten and other aggressive super-power kids...but once upon a time ago for most of us the favourite and all times hero was the Pippi Longstocking.

Pippi Longstocking was a lucky and very happy, little girl, living without any grown-ups in a little house at the edge of the village in Sweden, all kind of escapades of a lucky little girl who lives with a horse and a monkey...that's every kids dream, to get a bit of freedom, do crazy stuff without any one who keeps an eye and tell them what to do, you can eat chocolate and candies any time, you can go to bed any hour and you have no school at all, isn't that great? That's what I call a real, good children book. The great writer Astrid Lingren is nominated for the Memorial Award (ALMA), the announcement was made at the international Frankfurt Book Fair.

In Sweden yesterday started a little event of Astrid Lingren'd World in Vimmerby, there will be all the great characters she once created, such us Pippi Longstocking, Ronja, the Robber's Daughter and many more.

Every corner of the theme Park will be packed of attractions and little happy kids, miniature houses and characters such as the Children of Noisy Village and and others joining Pippi Longstocking, it will be also interesting for the parents, you will learn about Astrid Lingren's life...and somehow get back in their childhood...

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