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People's Republic of China

October celebrations

Today is first of October, already, the autumn is knocking the doors in Europe...but that wont stop events and festivals all over the world, 1st October is a beautiful start of great weather in China, Hong Kong's legendary humidity is finally gone, instead you will enjoy clear blue sky, the sun makes Hong Kong a perfect destination in this month.

It's also a day, in which thousands of fireworks explode over Victoria Harbour, celebrating the founding of the People's Republic of China, there will be great fireworks that will gather the celebration of the country. Many consider the two month, October and November as the best in the country, summer ones, so make longer your summer visiting China and celebrate with them.

You will experience all Chinese traditions for this day, military parade, this day in Chinese is known as Kaiguo dadian, proclaimed by Mao Zedong atop the Gate of Heavenly Peace. The all meaning is "the Chinese people have stood up" simple as that, all nation knows that! Mao certainly referred to the liberation of the Chinese people in terms of having stood up back than. So come to see the different kind of celebration, that we , Europeans are used to...that will be a life time experience.

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