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Boorowa Irish Woolfest

Sheep guided by Farmer Ashley

Every country in on this planet have its very own traditions, from Middle Ages, and not changing a bit with years...there are also some words that pops up to our mind as a symbol of each specific country, and if I say Sheep? Ireland that's what comes to mine and I guess many your minds... Boorowa Irish Woolfest, sounds warm or what?

You will see crowds of sheep running trough the town , it sounds a bit like a bull run, right, and actually it is linked to that, considered to be Boorowa's special woolly version. And just to remind you there is no such a danger as it is with the bull run...its all cute and cuddly, and overall very pleasant to can go there with your family and kids, who will have a lot of fun.

Cheering crowds and a farmer driving a quad-bike, watching it all , you will feel like thrown back in a time-machine, the Running of the Sheep is a celebrated tradition and a key part of the town's annual Irish Woolfest.

Many Irish band will be playing and dancers will be dancing to cheer you up, they will create with their activity the real Irish spirit, there will be entertainment that wont stop, many Irish come to this event to catch up with unseen friends or relatives, more than 10000 spectators from across the country turn out to witness the bizarre mutton migration.

One of the most beloved is the sheepdog component when they see how they are leaping on and off the sheep's backs while they run all confused and guided by the farmer Ashley.

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