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Worlds Tourism day

Gran Canaria in Maspalomas

Tourism is to be celebrated, it contains so much in one word, you getting wiser, smarter and gain a lot of positive energy, seeing things and places, no matter your budget is uptight or you can spend as much as you can, the view is one for everyone. Of course it depends what you know about the specific place, if come with negative thoughts you will see everything negative, and you shouldn't travel at all, or some are capable to leave other opinions a part and take their very own.

So who is gonna host the World's Tourism day this year? Spain, Gran Canaria in Maspalomas, starting tomorrow , on the 27th September, so everyone who loves to travel or has a passion for all that means travelling, also the owners of travelling, even if you are not into that and the travel day doesn't say noting to you, believe me , after you will just love it. So many international people there, it will be all under the name "Tourism and Sustainable Energy, Powering Sustainable Development". Even nowadays when there is crisis everywhere, it's more important than ever to bring the tourism sector and energy stakeholders closer together to spur tourism's contribution to sustainability.

Spain is a beautiful country, and the Canary Islands is just a perfect destination to enjoy while you are taking a part of the Tourism Day. Why Spain? Because it was one of the top five countries investing in renewable energies worldwide and 20% of the energy consumed in Spain.... the goal was made to raise awareness of World Tourism Day among the general public. Spain is no doubt one of the world's top tourism destinations and a global leader in renewable energies, and totally deserves to host the important World's Tourism Day 2012!

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