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Capital of the Golden State

Victorian like layout

Many things come to mind when one thinks of California: the start studded walk of fame in Los Angeles, the endless coasts, picturesque wine valleys, perfect weather and beautiful beaches. However; when arriving to the northern section of California's seemingly endless terrain and when one arrives to the area known more commonly as the Golden State, one city comes to mind: San Francisco.

This highly compact mini-metropolis of only 7x7 square miles is the undisputed capital of the Golden State. From the city's concentrated mash of diverse cultures, it's iconic scenery, or it's Victorian like layout, San Francisco has something to offer for just about any adventure buff who wishes to visit.

San Francisco's history goes back to the 19th century when Spanish explorers set up the California coasts. They came upon the bay and established themselves building monasteries and naming the city after the Francisan monk, San Francisco. Then roughly 100 years later during the gold rush, people from the east of the United States came seeking opportunity and adventure in hopes of striking gold and becoming rich.

Hence the term, the Golden State. Nowadays, people from all over the globe, albeit the lack of gold to be found, still come to the city seeking the same sort of adventures and other opportunities. This can be seen from the extreme diversity seen within the city. From the little Italy on Colombus Avenue, to Chinatown, Castro, Mission District, and Russian Hill, the attraction San Francisco has over adventure travellers is readily apparent.

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