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Los Angeles International Short Film Festival

Talented film makers

September is a great time for all new start in every kind of for Milan and and Paris, exhibitions and of course all kind of art, film festivals, so every film maker is prepared to give their best to the world. The Los Angeles International Short Film Festival is one of the highest-profile events for short film makers in the American industry.

The festival is Academy-accredited - which means that the winning films are eligible for Oscar consideration. It was founded back in 1997, the festival has very good connections with the LA industry and an accordingly professional ethos. The mission of the Los Angeles Film Festival is to find and showcase talented and unconventional film-makers from all over the world, that are strikingly out of the ordinary, and who create unique films that shock, entice, and hold viewers in their grasp.

The very talented film makers will help the new ones launch their careers with prizes and awards from major sponsors and industry partners, their main mission is to make their film a cult classic to be seen repeatedly by a devoted's not about to make them famous, it's about helping great artists to move forward...which maybe wasn't possible with out some support, which is hard to get nowadays.

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